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Wondering which Claris FileMaker licensing choice offers the greatest value and cost-effectiveness for your specific needs?

Allow us to assist you in choosing the optimal option at the most competitive rate, handling all the details on your behalf.

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Simplify the process of purchasing and renewing licenses

Purchasing Claris FileMaker licenses can often be convoluted with multiple options that may lead to selecting the wrong license and overspending.

We take the hassle out of new licenses and renewals, ensuring you receive the most cost-effective license tailored to your requirements year after year.

If you also require assistance with installation and upgrades, we’re happy to assist.

As a Claris Partner, we operate independently from Claris and with over 20 years of working with Claris we are well equipped to help you with licensing.


A license for FileMaker covers the whole Claris FileMaker platform and can include the optional Claris Connect.

FileMaker Pro provides access to your system on desktop or laptop computers, while FileMaker Go offers the same functionality for iPhones and iPads.

FileMaker WebDirect enables web-browser access to a FileMaker system, and FileMaker Server (or FileMaker Cloud) serves as the central component of the system.

Included with every FileMaker license is FileMaker Pro, Go, WebDirect and Server, all in one annual or perpetual contract.

Claris FileMaker licensing options

User License

Teams can easily license the complete FileMaker platform by purchasing a single license for each distinct user, offering a straightforward and budget-friendly solution. For users who do not share data and prefer a one-time payment, reduced-cost upgrades are also available.

Concurrent License

You enjoy all the advantages of FileMaker user licensing, except that instead of purchasing licenses per distinct user, you purchase licenses based on the maximum number of users that might be using it concurrently.

This license allows you to provide access to anonymous users such as your customers or other external users.

Site License

Enable all members of your organisation to have access by purchasing a license for your company. Pricing is based on the total number of employees, making it a potentially more economical choice than pricing based on the number of users.

Perpetual License

You can pay a one-time fee and enjoy perpetual usage of the Filemaker platform. The initial year covers product upgrades and updates, while you have the option to purchase additional years separately.

Which license is right for my business?

Example 1: Your business has 100 employees with only 10 of these ever needing access to FileMaker.

The User License model is best suited for this and is the most cost effective.


Example 2: Your business has 100 employees, 10 users need access for their job role with another 50 that need occasional access but you have no more than 20 users logged in at the same time.

A concurrent license would likely be most suitable as rather than licensing each unique/named user you are just buying 20 connection slots which are reserved and freed as users log on and off.


Example 3: Your business has 100 employees, 10 users need access for their job role whilst the everyone else requires occasional access.

The site license may be the best as this covers every employee of your business regardless of whether they ever need FileMaker access or not.

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