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Discover our unique products crafted using Claris FileMaker and explore their potential benefits for your business. Each application is meticulously customized to meet your specific needs, or can serve as a foundation for a fully personalized solution.

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What steps should you take when your current software systems no longer meet your requirements?

If you’ve encountered challenges with unsuitable software or found your traditional workflows becoming limiting as your business expands, you might have considered off-the-shelf solutions but struggled to find one that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

Can custom software truly benefit my business? In the majority of cases, the answer is a resounding yes. A system tailored to your precise processes not only enhances your operational efficiency but can also be a transformative solution. It effectively addresses critical issues that consistently impact your profitability – ranging from optimising stock management and order processing to elevating customer service standards and providing comprehensive business oversight. Moreover, it equips you with entirely new capabilities, enabling you to introduce innovative and improved services.

Our Portfolio

Automatic Artwork

A system that must be seen in operation to be fully appreciated.
We effectively robotise Adobe Indesign to produce hundreds of flawless, complex point-of-sale artwork files in minutes, for example.
We provide a web interface where you can upload campaigns and create your own templates and rules.
Resulting artwork can be imposed for print and delivered as store specific print ready PDFs in a batch to your selected printer or straight to store for location printing.

Site Auditing

Create you own store audit templates, the distribute them to a chosen group of users who complete the audits on mobile devices.
All audit data is collected in real-time, with flexible reporting and live dashboards.

Store Profiling

Taking a feed from our own audit system or any other source, our profiling system delivers the latest store specific guide to store POS distribution.
We can deliver in the form of a branded store specific PDF brochure, web pages or interactive mobile applications.

Studio Management

A fully featured job management system developed over 20 years with the input of dozens of studios.
Projects, jobs, quotes, briefs, purchase orders, time tracking and invoicing all tied together in an easy to use platform.
We can, and have used this job management engine as the basis of multiple bespoke projects where you need a robust and proven projects driver at the heart of your process.

Warehouse Management

Our powerful, customisable WMS product gives you end-to-end real-time visibility and control over every aspect of your inventory operations.
Put away and picking are entirely paperless with the warehouse operative using our custom app on a tablet with bluetooth connected barcode scanners.
With live web shared inventory catalogues, phased call off, multi-currency pricing, client ordering portals, if you can imagine it, we’ve already probably built it!
If we haven’t we’ll customise the system as you watch.