Empower Your Business with Bespoke Software Solutions and Expert IT Support


Backed by a track record of crafting hundreds of systems for more than 160 companies, Clockwork possess the expertise and capabilities to ensure the timely and budget-friendly delivery of your project – with a guarantee.

Our support team operates as a virtual arm of your in-house IT team, offering assistance to businesses throughout Northern England.

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Claris Platform

Discover the Claris Platform and our ongoing commitment to utilise the leading workplace innovation platform.

Bespoke Software

Enhance Your Business Processes with Tailor-Made Software, Expertly Crafted to Suit Your Unique Needs.


Discover our Portfolio of Proven Products Customised to Align with Your Business Requirements, Ranging from Automated Artwork to Warehouse Management Solutions.


We offer comprehensive support services encompassing our software solutions, your in-house developed FileMaker systems, and complete IT support, including computer maintenance, network management, and backup processes.

Clockwork specialises in developing multi-user systems in record time. 

As the primary development platform, we utilise Claris FileMaker to provide a robust multi-platform solution for digital transformation, solving your business problems today — and tomorrow.

We have over 50 of our own servers, that make up the Clockwork Cloud, where we can host your solution or collaborate with your existing hosting provider.

We can directly link with practically any third-party systems meaning our solutions excel at sitting in the midst of your legacy systems.

Systems are built in real-time in a unique agile process, allowing you to observe and interact at any point.  

As well as our bespoke systems, we have our own range of solutions that are fully customisable.

Free 1 Hour Consultation

We offer 1 hours free remote consultation to UK businesses on your existing Filemaker based system(s) with one of our expert developers.

You can utilise our knowledge during the consultation to understand best practices, get help fixing issues or for us to get a better understanding of your system to then provide ongoing support.

We are experts in business software solutions.

The UK’s leading FileMaker Development Consultancy and IT support specialists based in Leeds. Full range of professional IT Support Services.

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