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Our Clockwork Cloud, comprising more than 50 physical servers and 10 storage arrays, has been finely tuned for optimal Claris FileMaker hosting, guaranteeing seamless operation with an impressive uptime of 99.9%.

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UK Based Hosting

Each server and storage array in our Clockwork Cloud is under our complete ownership and management, eliminating any third-party dependencies. Our exceptional uptime is achieved through the deployment of cutting-edge server hardware, proactive maintenance, and robust security measures that work tirelessly to minimize downtime.

In contrast to hosting providers that rely on virtual servers within other cloud platforms, our dedicated servers are not shared or virtualized. This ensures that your system can fully harness the available performance without sharing resources with any other users.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

99.99% Uptime

You can rest assured that your business-critical system won’t experience downtime when you need it the most.

High Performance

Your system can fully leverage the dedicated server it’s hosted on, minimizing potential bottlenecks.

Updates and Anti-Malware

We conduct all updates and anti-malware checks automatically during non-working hours to keep the server consistently up-to-date and secure.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

We perform hourly and daily backups for each system, storing data in multiple locations. These backups undergo thorough checks, both automatic and manual, to ensure accessibility.

In the rare event of a server issue, our swift response involves bringing your operations back online promptly. We achieve this by leveraging our extensive array of idle disaster recovery servers.

Cloud Storage

We maintain over 10 storage arrays that can serve various purposes, from server/workstation backups to file storage, and even short-term storage when paired with our Artwork Automation system.

Cloud storage delivers an array of advantages for both individuals and businesses. Firstly, it offers the convenience of secure data access from anywhere with an internet connection, promoting collaboration and mobility. Secondly, it eliminates the need for costly on-site hardware and upkeep, leading to substantial cost savings. Additionally, cloud storage ensures data redundancy and reliable backups, effectively safeguarding against data loss. Furthermore, it typically features robust security measures and scalability, enabling users to customize storage solutions to meet their specific requirements. In essence, cloud storage streamlines data management, augments flexibility, and fortifies data protection, rendering it an invaluable asset in the digital era.