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We embark on a multitude of tailored projects, with expertise in assessing your requirements and promptly delivering a scalable, resilient, and secure solution. Explore our bespoke projects below, and don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss how we can assist you.

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What steps should you take when your current software systems no longer meet your requirements?

If you’ve encountered challenges with unsuitable software or found your traditional workflows becoming limiting as your business expands, you might have considered off-the-shelf solutions but struggled to find one that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

Can custom software truly benefit my business? In the majority of cases, the answer is a resounding yes. A system tailored to your precise processes not only enhances your operational efficiency but can also be a transformative solution. It effectively addresses critical issues that consistently impact your profitability – ranging from optimising stock management and order processing to elevating customer service standards and providing comprehensive business oversight. Moreover, it equips you with entirely new capabilities, enabling you to introduce innovative and improved services.

A Sample of Our Bespoke Projects

Change Management

Comprehensive change management solution for a corporate client.
With great features from Idea capture, project costing, planning and post delivery analysis.
Drag and drop capacity, kanban and links API links other apps a super project to work on.

Digital Evidential Imagery

For one of the UK’s largest Police divisions we created a system to securely ingest millions of images from CD archives.
We then created a mutiuser front end to allow review, retrieval and creation of formatted court packs.
Our engineering division built the servers to host this colossal data management project.

Event Planning & Management

Using our Job Manager as template this solution handles the project management for an outdoor events company.
Everything from planning, costing, booking and stock is in one easy to use application.

Online POS Production

For one of the UK’s leading health and beauty companies we built and host an online portal to manage, create and distribute their instore point of sale.
With incredible on the fly artwork production handling thousands of simultaneous requests.

Print Management

For one of the UK’s largest NHS Trusts we developed a system to streamline the ordering and printing on demand of the literature required within the Trust and to predict demand in order to increase printing efficiency.

Restaurant Management

For one of Yorkshires best loved restaurant chains we built and host an iPad app to manage allergens, menu choices, at table ordering and label printing.

Site Profiling

This system allows the built templated questionnaires accessible through an iPad app for instore profiling.
All the data captured is stored on the system for post project analysis.
The surveys are smart only releasing relevant questions and capturing image, signature and GPS information.

Store Fixture Planning

This system manages the ordering requirement for store fit out for one of the UK’s largest retailers.
It creates a phased ordering schedule based on a sites plan down to component level raising orders quote requests and interfacing with a warehouse management system to generate picks.

Supplier Management

Online portal to manage supplier information including products, price breaks lead time etc to allow just in time ordering for inventory management company.