WILMA Software

Automatic artwork for Adobe InDesign. 

WILMA contains a customisable database which links to, then controls every aspect of Adobe InDesign to create artwork automatically.

Claris Partner


What is WILMA?

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Wilma uses InDesign documents created by your designers as ‘intelligent templates’.

Using our intuitive interface WILMA is taught your typographical brand rules such as kerning, leading, typeface and picture usage. This unique aspect of Wilma gives you unrivalled control over the finished artwork.

WILMA is also taught to respond to your imported data and intelligently pick the correct template.

Your finished artwork files are saved as an InDesign document and PDF files in the format of your choice.

You can import data from many sources such as Excel spreadsheets or CSV files or link directly to your back end database.

WILMA Benefits

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Artwork is created many times quicker than by hand with total accuracy.

Artwork conforms to brand guidelines.

Artwork is created directly from the imported copy so no human error is introduced.

Output remains a conventional InDesign document.

Automatic sending to Adfast.

Production savings from increased efficiency.