Bespoke Software Solutions

We create many bespoke projects and specialise in evaluating your needs and rapidly producing a scalable, robust and secure solution.

Claris Partner


Media Campaign Management

Project name: MCM

This project holds and manages the media buying for a large supermarket.

The system is Web Based with several advertising agencies securely logging on to collaborate on the planning and costing.

Police Workflow

Project name: PAWS

For West Yorkshire Police we developed a system that securely manages the images and metadata from crime scenes.

Over half a million items of evidence are now managed by the system.

Change Management

Project name: CATS

Using our JobManager system as a base we developed this very interesting system for a large corporate.

The system captures change ideas and collects the input from several departments to decide whether the idea should become a project. The live projects are then tracked and managed through various stages to completion.